Tinder Review

Tinder Application Review – Ultimate Guide to Dating Service

The websites like the Tinder app are designed to let people find a partner with whom they would share time and feelings. However, it’s not easy to make a reality since the dating niche is crowded with many similar services. This platform focuses on free credible websites that match your expectations of desired formats of communication. To let you understand what type of information you can read on the website, consider the Tinder review below as a striking pattern.

Tinder Application – Swipe & Date or Swipe & Miss

What is Tinder and how does it work? It’s a straightforward mobile app to find a partner for dating. When you see other website members’ profiles, you have the option to swipe right to confirm the match or to swipe left to ignore the contender, as well as to swipe up to super-like the man/woman.

Tinder features a simple design and navigation but it’s required to know what each of the icons means. Besides, the owners of mobile devices based on Windows, should download the specially developed third-party Tinder app, as the main one is not suitable for this operating system.

Some specific features of this service let it gain fame for attracting those users that usually look for casual romance. However, people’s preferences and intentions differ regardless of the dating websites that are registered in.

The Tinder online came into the web being in 2012 and it was an instant hit. Let’s see whether it still manages to hold the leading positions and enjoy the confidence of users.

Tinder App – Some Enjoyable Option for Easy Use

First, the question arises “How does Tinder work?” Everything is a breeze:

  • Download the app from either the App Store or Google Play.

  • Sign up with your Facebook account, mobile number, or email address.

  • Create your own Tinder profile. Bear in mind that the best Tinder bios include several photos plus textual information. You can even see funny Tinder bios but it’s a matter of taste.

Now, it’s time to reveal how to use Tinder to find matches and start conversations.

  • Enter Tinder login.

  • Adjust your settings to define the distance, gender, and age range.

  • Browse your potential matches to look through the Tinder profiles of the persons you’re interested in, as well as to make other swipes (ignore, like, etc.).

  • In the case of a match, you can exchange messages with your potential partner.

Some Tinder Features and Nuances to Consider

“Is Tinder free?” is a high-frequent query in the Tinder search. Actually, the services come with three plans – free, Plus, and Gold. Let’s see the comparison table to reveal the difference and get the idea of benefits.

Free Tinder

Tinder Plus

Tinder Gold

(all the Plus benefits + )


Swipe and undo a swipe.

Unlimited right swipes.

No ads

You’ll see all the participants who have already liked you, to ensure instant match for a single right swipe.

Up to 6 photos to upload

More photos, the opportunity to hide distance, age, change location.

More photos, the opportunity to hide distance, age, change location.

No more than 500 chars for bio.

Boost your profile free once a month.

Boost your profile free once a month.

Integration with Instagram and Spotify.

Integration with Instagram and Spotify, and Snapchat.

Integration with Instagram and Spotify, and Snapchat.

100 profiles to like every 12 hours.

5 daily extra Super Likes

Unlimited likes.

5 daily extra Super Likes and

The opportunity to see who likes you before you swipe.

Messaging with matches.

Messaging with matches.

Massaging with matches

Check out of 1 pick per day.

Check out of 1 pick per day.

4 –10 Top Picks every day

Note that the fee for either Plus or Golden account is variable, as it depends on the user’s age. Check the pricing on the official website to see how much you should pay.

Premium features fit travelers most of all. How to cancel Tinder Gold is you don’t need it currently?

  • Open the settings.

  • Choose iTunes & App Store.

  • Click the Apple ID email link.

  • Opt for “View Apple ID”.

  • Click “Manage under Subscriptions”.

  • Choose “Tinder”.

  • Slide the “off” button or click “Unsubscribe”.

Some Extra Features of Tinder to Know

  • Premium users have an opportunity to boost their profiles on top and thus, to make them more visible for others that result in enhancing chances to gain matches. If you pay more, Super Boost is available to make your profile be the first on the line.

  • The Passport option allows hiding your true locations to escape other people’s prejudice against the specific locations.

  • Premium users also can undo their either left or right swipe if they have done them occasionally or just reconsidered.

  • Tinder picks make it possible to collect top profiles especially for you, i.e. based on your bio.

The app gladdens its users with innovations from time to time. For example, the Tinder swipe night is the game where people that have made the similar choices while swiping are matched together at the end of each “story”.

Tips to Make Tinder More Enjoyable

Consider the name Dirty Tinder that might be visible in the search. It has nothing to do with our app but simply redirects you to another website. Pay attention to the unique Tinder logo to keep yourself from committing the mistake.

Now, let’s say some words about Tinder pickup lines. Some rookies start using scripted options. It’s easy but can result in your potential partner’s disappointment and contempt. So, it’s reasonable to involve your imagination, natural charm, and wit. If you can’t invent some eye-catching phrases to initiate conversation, just adapt the Tinder pick up lines to your advantage.

If you like the app, it’s possible even to acquire its branded stuff. For example, the company Flint and Tinder produces rugged and refined underwear for men in the USA. The following tips will be also helpful:

  • Create a straightforward bio and don’t invent something unreal.

  • Use more images to display your personality.

  • Share only high-quality photos.

  • Give preference to the individual rather than group photos.

  • Be positive and highlight your best features.

Pros and Cons of Tinder Application

The Tinder app has over 50,000,000 users around the globe. It’s getting more and more popular due to the advantages listed below:

  • Simple and fast registration.

  • Time-consuming app to save time on offline searches.

  • It’s loyal to LGBT community.

  • Unlike many other dating websites, if you don’t like anybody there, you just swipe him/her out and don’t bother yourself with explanations and excuses.

The key drawback of Tinder is the privacy issue that is also typical for many dating platforms. You share much of intimate information that “settles” on the Web forever. Besides, no match can guarantee that you’re the Chosen One isn’t a freak in reality.

Tinder Reviews – What People Say

Where to find true Tinder reviews? The Tinder Reddit is the community where you can find information, testimonials, tips, and news. Reddit Tinder allows discussing the app and sharing your personal experience.

Many people are sure that the Tinder dating app is a true gift of modern technology. They like how easy it’s to get started setting up the profile. At the same time, many users would like to see some improvements that could make the app even more mobile-friendly.

Both men and women love being able to see other people that are single and available despite the necessity to pay for seeing and sending messages. After all, it’s common for any dating site, as it’s a business rather than a charity.